Property Owners Association

Board Minutes & Financial Info

Listed below are the monthly and any special Board Meeting Minutes.

Effective beginning with the July, 2015 Board Meeting Minutes, the Board elected to include the following HLPOA financial documents as part of the regular Board Meeting Minutes: 1.) Monthly Balance Sheet, 2.) Monthly Profit and Loss Statement and 3.) the YTD Profit and Loss Statement. Beginning in June, 2016 the Board revised the Association’s monthly financial reporting, per the recommendation of Robert F. Murray & Co., CPA’s, to comply with Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP) for non-profit corporations to comprise the following: 1.) Assets & Liabilities Statement, 2.) Revenue/Expense vs. Budget and 3.) Statement of Cash Flows.

Please note: Board Meeting Minutes prior to January 2016 are available for review at the HLPOA office upon request during normal business hours.

2018 Board Meeting Minutes and Financial Reports:

2017 Board Meeting Minutes and Financial Reports:

2016 Professional Financial Review, Board Meeting Minutes and Financial Reports:

Immediately below is the RF Murray & Co. document containing their professional review of the HLPOA’s 2016CY finances and year end financial statements.  In accordance with the option contained within the current Bylaws, the HLPOA Board chose to conduct a review, vs. a full audit, for 2016 as a cost savings initiative given that a full audit had recently been performed for the 2015 CY.  Following this review document are the regular monthly Board meeting minutes and financial reports.

Professional Audit of the 2015 CY Finances:

In accordance with the Article IX, Section 9.3 of the current Bylaws, an independent, professional audit of the HLPOA’s 2015 finances was contracted to be performed by the Certified Public Accounting firm of Robert F Murray & Co. (Mt. Pleasant and Midland, MI) in June of 2016.  The Board elected to have this firm perform a full audit of our finances, as opposed to a review or partial audit, as this represents the first time the HLPOA’s finances have been independently reviewed by a CPA firm.

The audit report is posted immediately below and contains a revised 2015CY Year End Financial Statement, superseding the unaudited version sent as a part of the 2016 Annual Meeting Packages, printed prior to the receipt of the audit report.  As a result of this audit, and per the unique requirements for the financial reporting by non-profit corporations, it became necessary to modify slightly the previously approved 2016CY Budget.  This revised Budget (Rev 1) is posted in the “2016 Board Meeting Minutes” category, above.