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Starry Stonewort (SSW) Update – November, 2018. Click here for details.

As many are aware, it was recently determined that Starry Stonewort, a potentially dangerous new invasive species, was present in Higgins Lake. In our fall newsletter we provided an explanation of what this invasive plant is, where it was found and what we were asking the DNR / DEQ to do to help control its spread. Many of our members took an active part in contacting various people to advise them of our situation and ask them to assist our lake. On November 20th a very important meeting was held with the DNR in which they unveiled their plan to deal with this threat. The HLPOA was encouraged that, to their credit, the DNR is intending to take steps to eliminate the Starry Stonewort cultures in their park launch areas and monitor and assess their success in doing so. The locations of concern that the DNR will be addressing are the navigational channels at the South Park, the North Park, the West Launch and the South Park Lagoon.


April, 2018 Update: Swimmer’s Itch Control Program for 2018 and Beyond Now Posted

The DNR has developed a new permit application process. Below is the link to the background and development which led to the adoption of the Roscommon County Resolution. Thanks to all who supported these efforts:

HLPOA Current and Future Actions, August 2017

To HLPOA members and others interested in protecting, preserving, and enhancing Higgins Lake:

The following document was prepared by the HLPOA Board to provide you with important information about the HLPOA, its Mission and its current and future activities.

DNR Parks & Rec Meeting Presentation – Rev. Sept, 2017

The HLPOA begins an ongoing collaboration with the MI DNR Parks and Recreation Division to preserve, protect and enhance Higgins Lake and its surrounding watershed.  The following presentation was prepared for our series of meetings with key Parks & Rec Div. personnel commencing in August, 2017:

HLPOA Letter to Teresa Sherwood, DEQ, on West DNR Boat Launch

Dear HLPOA Members,
The letter to Teresa Sherwood of the DEQ, attached below, is a joint effort of the HLPOA Board and the Riparian Committee.  It requests the DEQ re-evaluate their plans for an expansion of the West DNR Launch facility in light of serious environmental and safety concerns, as well as requesting a public meeting with adequate notice.  Similar letters also have been sent by the Higgins Lake West Shore Association, Riparians on the West Shore and Ed Nellist, Supervisor of Lyon Township.
We strongly encourage you to copy the email addresses provided in the letter (repeated below) and paste them into your email service provider to express your own views.  We would ask you to comment about:
– The importance of the DEQ/DNR in helping to protect the health and safety of Higgins Lake,
– Concerns you may have about the continuous expansion of boat load and boat access on Higgins Lake by the DEQ/DNR including approval of a large marina at Amvets and the proposed West Launch expansion,
– Your views about announcing short comment periods for affected Higgins Lake Riparians in the dead of winter, and
– The need for public meetings to allow Riparians to voice concerns and get answers from the DNR/DEQ.
We also encourage you to share your views with your state legislative representatives.  Feel free to share this message with other Riparians who are not HLPOA members so they can weigh in.  Your voice matters.
Thanks for your support.
Brad Gibson
HLPOA President
Teresa Sherwood, DEQ, email:
Heidi Grether, DEQ Director, email:
Keith Creagh, DNR Director, email:


Oct, 2016 President’s Message & Environmental Committee Report Posted


Michigan Attorney General Report Posted for HLSIO

Dear 2016 HLSIO Supporters,

We are pleased to send you the attached report (below) prepared by the Office of the Michigan Attorney General covering financial information of the Higgins Lake Swimmer’s Itch Organization for the calendar year ending December 31, 2015.  Please note that the HLSIO only spent 2.01% of its income for supporting services (primarily for printing and postage) which means that 97.99% of all contributions made by our donors last year went directly to our efforts to combat swimmer’s itch.  This is extraordinary.  Most charities spend from 20% to upwards of 50%, thereby reducing the dollars available for their respective programs. The HLSIO is able to operate at minimal support service costs because of the generous volunteers who support this organization without any pay.
We thank you for your tax deductible contribution this year as we strive to combat swimmer’s itch at Higgins Lake.
Additionally, there are tickets still available for the fundraiser dinner sponsored by Fred’s of Roscommon and hosted by Jim and Laura Witt on Thursday evening, the 25th of August. Tickets are $100 and can be purchased at either Fred’s or Jim’s Collision prior to the dinner.
Again, we thank you for your support this year.  If you haven’t made a contribution for 2016, please send your tax deductible contribution to:
Higgins Lake Swimmer’s Itch Organization
P.O. Drawer 665
Grayling, MI 49738


April 25, 2016 President’s Message

President’s Message – April 25, 2016


January 2016 President’s Message Now Posted Under “Updates/President’s Corner”

President’s Message – January 2016


Board’s Response to Mr. Marv Bolton’s Question/Comments Now Posted Under “Updates/President’s Corner”

Board’s Response to Mr. Marv Bolton – January 2016


HLPOA Letter to U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service now posted

November 4, 2015
Dear HLPOA Members,
Attached (below) is a letter we sent Monday to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service outlining our perspective of the Swimmer’s Itch issues at Higgins Lake. I believe the communication clearly details our position as well as outlines the course of events leading us to this point.  Please understand we are taking this action because you affirmed to us through a resolution at the annual meeting that you support the HLSIO and their swimmer’s itch program with SICON. Additionally we do not believe our efforts to manage swimmer’s itch on our lake can be best accomplished using the lowest bidder. We are convinced our best opportunity to access Higgins Lake without fear of contracting swimmer’s itch is using the unmatched expertise and experience that SICON possesses.
As always, in the best interest of our wonderful Lake
Brad Gibson,

Sept/Oct 2015 President’s Message

Sept 2015 President’s Message


President’s Message, July 2015

July 2015 President’s Message


President’s Message, November 7, 2014

President’s Message – November 7, 2014


Fall 2013 Update

Fall 2013 Update


HB 4463 and 4464 Update, July 2007

HB 4463 and HB 4464 Update – July 2007


Fall 2005 Update

Fall 2005 Update


Open Letter From HLPOA, October 2004

Open Letter From HLPOA – October, 2004


Appellate Court Rules Against Road End Boat Hoists

Appellate Court Rules Against Road End Boat Hoists – May, 2004