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Higgins Lake Study Resolution

The following letter was sent on HLPOA letterhead via snail mail to the following recipients;

Daniel Mullen – District Supervisor
Terry Stilson – MRWA
Jim Dexter – DNR Fisheries Chief
Matt Kleetch – DEQ
Brad Jenson – Huron Pines
Honorable Michael Baumgartner – 34th Circuit Court Judge
Senator Booher
Representative Rendon
Roscommon County Board of Commissioners
Frank Homola – Gerrish Twp Supervisor
Ed Nellist – Lyon Twp Supervisor
Brian Ashton – Beaver Creek Twp Supervisor

October 15, 2013

At our July 2013 Annual Meeting the membership passed the following resolution. This resolution is supported by the HLPOA Board of Directors.

JULY 20, 2013
IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED that the HIGGINS LAKE PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION is not in favor of removal of the dam, which controls the water level of Higgins Lake, or any change in the lake levels established by the Roscommon County Circuit Court in 1926 and 1982 and that in the event the MICHIGAN DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES (DNR); MUSKEGON WATERSHED COUNCIL or any other attempts are taken to remove or alter the dam or those lake levels in any manner we will oppose same. Following completion of the current study and after the results are analyzed, the Board further resolves to take no action of any nature toward removal of the dam, or any changes in those lake levels other than to oppose any changes to those levels, unless otherwise instructed by its members in a formal vote which must take place in accordance with the requirement of the Higgins Lake Property Owners Association By-Laws at the next Annual Meeting.

Higgins Lake Property Owners Association Board of Directors