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2018 Annual Meeting — Advance Information:

The 2018 HLPOA Annual Meeting of the Membership is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, July 21st.  Like last year, it is being held at the Roscommon High School auditorium.  The doors open at 8:00AM for sign in and refreshments and the meeting begins at 8:45AM.

The meeting is open to all HLPOA members current in their 2018 dues which are due by January 31, 2018.  For those members who have not paid their 2018 dues as of the 2018 Annual Meeting date, there will be a table in the lobby of the high school for you to do so.   Please make out your check payable to “HLPOA”.

2017 Annual Meeting Presentations and Reports

Attached below are the presentations and reports given at the July 15, 2017 Annual Meeting of the Membership:

Annual Meeting of the Members — Minutes

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Members will be posted below when approved by the Members.  Please note that the Board is currently searching for minutes from the 2009 through 2012 Annual Meetings for posting.  If a member has an electronic or paper copy of any of these minutes, please contact the HLPOA office at 989-275-9181.  Thank you.

Membership Dues Payment/Application Form and Members’ Survey

The HLPOA Membership Dues Payment/Application form (Rev. 2018) is listed below.  If you do not have a dues envelope, please print this form, complete it and mail it to the HLPOA office at the address shown on the bottom of the form, along with your dues check.  Note: Renewal dues payment is due by January 31st of the current year.  Also listed is a Voter Designation form – to be completed when an HLPOA Member is designated by their local lake association as an HLPOA Voting Member (see Article 3, Sections 3.5 and 3.6, of the current Bylaws for an explanation of Voting and Non-Voting HLPOA Members).

January 2015 letter to our Members and the October 2014 Members Survey are listed below: