Property Owners Association

Bylaws & Articles



The mission of the Higgins Lake Property Owners’ Association is to protect, preserve and enhance the quality of Higgins Lake and its surrounding watershed.


Dear Members,

The restated Bylaws, drafted by the 2014-15 Bylaws Committee, were approved by Member vote at the July 2015 Annual Meeting.  A link to these new Bylaws is shown below.  Also included is a link to the now obsolete Bylaws, approved in 2006.


The Association was officially established July 15, 1935 with the filing of Articles of Association with the Michigan Secretary of State. It is not certain at this time, but this may make the HLPOA the oldest Lake Association in the state.

On July 15, 1935, this Articles of Association document from the Michigan Secretary of State certified the formation of the HLPOA .



I, Orville E. Atwood, Secretary of State of Michigan and Custodian of the Great Seal Thereof, Do Hereby Certify that Articles of Association of Higgins Lake Property Owner’s Association were duly filed in this office on the 15th day of July, Nineteen Hundred and Thirty-five and the said company is authorized to commence its business in conformity with Act 327, Public Acts of 1931.



Dear Members,

August 2015 Update — The HLPOA’s Restated 2015 Articles of Incorporation, as prepared by the 2014-15 Bylaws Committee, have now been filed with the State of Michigan by the HLPOA’s Legal Counsel, William L. Carey of the firm Carey and Jaskowski PLLC, identified as the Resident Agent.  As you may recall, these Articles were approved by Member vote at the July 2015 Annual Meeting .  Also on this page are the original Articles as filed in 1940 and the most recent prior amendment to the Articles, filed in 2006.