Property Owners Association
Detroit Point 2007

Detroit Point 2007

Since its formation in 1935, the Higgins Lake Property Owners’ Association (HLPOA) has been involved in efforts to “protect, preserve and enhance the quality of Higgins Lake and its surrounding watershed.”

Over the years the organization and its members
have been involved in activities such as water quality testing, control of invasive aquatic species, reduction of shoreline erosion and promotion of greenbelts, environmental education opportunities for area students, and collaboration on projects with the Higgins Lake Foundation, Huron Pines, United States Geological
Survey, Michigan Lakes & Streams Association, and local government boards and agencies.

If you are not already a member, please join now!


The Higgins Lake Property Owners Association invites Higgins Lake riparians to join one of the oldest lake associations in Michigan.  Formed in 1935, the HLPOA is a bonding of riparian neighbors from 21 miles of shoreline.  The mission of the HLPOA is to protect, preserve and enhance the quality of Higgins Lake and its surrounding watershed. The Association is richer for having members whose relatives were among the founding members as well as families who are just beginning their lake histories. Each year the Association is excited to welcome new lakefront owners as members. The HLPOA benefits from a bounty of experience as well as an excitement of fresh views and energy.

On behalf of the membership, the HLPOA’s committees work to be informed about environmental issues, litigation and local or state legislation that impacts the lake and property owners. The HLPOA Board is committed to open communication.  Board meeting minutes, updates on ongoing business, reports, correspondence and environmental information can be found elsewhere on the Association’s website.  A members’ newsletter is published six times a year and a members’ directory is published annually. HLPOA members are encouraged to attend their Annual Membership Meeting, usually held on the 3rd Saturday of July at the Roscommon High School auditorium.

For more information, eligibility and a membership packet, please call the HLPOA office at 989-275-9181 or email