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The “Introduction To Riparian Rights” document is now posted. Click here.

Riparian Rights Document — June, 2018

As Higgins lakefront property owners and members of the HLPOA, it is important to know your rights of riparian ownership.  The document, attached immediately below, titled: An Introduction to Riparian Rights on Higgins Lake (June, 2018), is a collection, analysis and recording of the extensive body of case law (common law), state statutes and local ordinances that define your riparian rights as they currently exist.  Below this is the letter from Bill Carey to Roscommon County Sheriff Stern of April 23, 2018, referred to in the “An Introduction to Riparian Rights on Higgins Lake” document.
This document was produced by members of the HLPOA’s Riparian Committee with the assistance of HLPOA’s legal counsel, Bill Carey, and with the support of the HLPOA board.  We appreciate your strong support for the HLPOA.  We hope this document provides useful information about matters of importance to our members.