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HLPOA Letter to Teresa Sherwood, DEQ, on West DNR Boat Launch

Dear HLPOA Members,
The letter to Teresa Sherwood of the DEQ, attached below, is a joint effort of the HLPOA Board and the Riparian Committee.  It requests the DEQ re-evaluate their plans for an expansion of the West DNR Launch facility in light of serious environmental and safety concerns, as well as requesting a public meeting with adequate notice.  Similar letters also have been sent by the Higgins Lake West Shore Association, Riparians on the West Shore and Ed Nellist, Supervisor of Lyon Township.
We strongly encourage you to copy the email addresses provided in the letter (repeated below) and paste them into your email service provider to express your own views.  We would ask you to comment about:
– The importance of the DEQ/DNR in helping to protect the health and safety of Higgins Lake,
– Concerns you may have about the continuous expansion of boat load and boat access on Higgins Lake by the DEQ/DNR including approval of a large marina at Amvets and the proposed West Launch expansion,
– Your views about announcing short comment periods for affected Higgins Lake Riparians in the dead of winter, and
– The need for public meetings to allow Riparians to voice concerns and get answers from the DNR/DEQ.
We also encourage you to share your views with your state legislative representatives.  Feel free to share this message with other Riparians who are not HLPOA members so they can weigh in.  Your voice matters.
Thanks for your support.
Brad Gibson
HLPOA President
Teresa Sherwood, DEQ, email:
Heidi Grether, DEQ Director, email:
Keith Creagh, DNR Director, email: