Property Owners Association

HLPOA Letter to U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service now posted

November 4, 2015
Dear HLPOA Members,
Attached (below) is a letter we sent Monday to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service outlining our perspective of the Swimmer’s Itch issues at Higgins Lake. I believe the communication clearly details our position as well as outlines the course of events leading us to this point.  Please understand we are taking this action because you affirmed to us through a resolution at the annual meeting that you support the HLSIO and their swimmer’s itch program with SICON. Additionally we do not believe our efforts to manage swimmer’s itch on our lake can be best accomplished using the lowest bidder. We are convinced our best opportunity to access Higgins Lake without fear of contracting swimmer’s itch is using the unmatched expertise and experience that SICON possesses.
As always, in the best interest of our wonderful Lake
Brad Gibson,