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HLPOA 2015 2016 Annual Meetings

  • HLPOA 2015 Annual Meeting of the Members was held on Sat July 18, 2015
  • Details on the 2016 Annual Meeting will be posted to the website in the Spring of 2016

A Homeowner’s Guide to Higgins Lake

Attached is “A Homeowner’s Guide to Higgins Lake,” a colorful, easy-to-read booklet released by Huron Pines. The guide gives history and information about the lake, lists threats tot he lake and provides recommendations for managing and improving the lake’s water quality as set forth in the official management plan. Thanks to the Roscommon County Community Foundation and the Higgins Lake Foundation for partnering with Huron Pines to produce this guide.

Visit the Huron Pines website at

Higgins Lake Ice Cracking

Check out this awesome aerial photo of the ice starting to crack at Higgins Lake on April 14, 2008. Thank you to Gerald Doutt for permission to post his photo to our website. Thank you.

Higgins Lake Ice Cracking

Rainbow on the Lake

Here is a photo of the well-known Rainbow chugging along the shore near Pine Bluffs. What a beautiful craft this is!!!


Rainbow Boat